Des invités du Guatemala et du Mexique: Maestro Oscar Jose Antonio & Shuni Giron


C'est un honneur et un privilège  d'annoncer le retour de Nana Shuni Giron (Guatemala) qui sera accompagné, cette fois ci, de Maestro Oscar Jose Antonio Sanchez Chavez (Mexique). Ils présenteront en autre la cérémonie de cacao le jeudi soir dans l'espace de guérison  (Healing Space). Détails à venir!

Maestro Oscar José Antonio Sánchez Chávez (Mexique)
& Nana Shuni Giron (Guatemala)

Shamanic plant Healers, Mayan cosmology teachers, and spiritual guides.

Maestro Jose Antonio Sanchez is a traditional Mexican plant healer “Curandero” and“Shamanic” facilitator. For the past 30 years Maestro Jose Antonio has been studying, researching, and conducting individual and ceremonial group sessions, using the aid of psychoactive plants to cured alcoholism, depression, and drug addiction. He has studied psychology at La Salle University in Mexico City where and is a holistic psycho-therapist that empower and coaches individuals, couples and families to call upon their personal strengths to create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance in their lives.

Nana Shuni Giron is international recognized Guatemalan Ceremonial leader, teacher, Mayan Astrologer, Mayan Ajq’iij - Day Keeper and Spiritual Guide, who has led many Mayan fire and cacao ceremonies, around the world.

She has taught the ancient way of Maya wisdom and the art science of Mayan time keeping. Nana Shuni is a shamanic plant healer; she holds a degree in Naturopathic medicine and alternative therapies. She is President of Kasa Kame; a Guatemalan non-profit organization that is dedicated to the transformation of the human the spirit, through the use of alternative therapies, active consciousness, environmental awareness, and artistic performance and cultural exchange.

Nana Shuni Giron has worked for WGBH public television in NY, History Channel, and with National Geographic Society in the TV series “The Story of God” as a co-star with Sr. Morgan Freeman recreating the Mayan creation myth Fire ceremony at Tikal National Park in Petén, Guatemala.

Together they’ve travel the world teaching, doing Fire ceremonies and Sharing The Mayan calendars, Mayan Cosmology, Mayan Spirituality and the shamanic and sacred used of power plants by the Mayan and Aztecs at Easter University in Chicago, at The Native American Ojibwa community College in WI, at the Heart and Mind festival in Poland, at the Golden Drum in New York, at the Tribal Gathering in Panama, at Unification Maya en Guatemala, The Festival out time in Mexico, Circle of the Grandmothers in Sedona, at Magnet Festival in Amsterdam, at Peace festival in Costa Rica, at the Shamanic Gathering in MN, at The Gathering of the Peace Makers in North Carolina, at the US. World Constellation festival in Seattle WA, and Eclipse festival in Quebec, Canada.